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 As a sponsor, YOU are providing an individual scholarship to emerging students in these fields Esthetics  Manicurist and Wig/Weaving students Sponsors will not only provide quality education through scholarship opportunities for local  students, but to also open the doors to our international online students through endless possibilities with exposure through our work study programs and internship programs 

 Benefits for students  

  • Maximizing your Growth and Financial Profit  Improved self-expression, self-efficacy and self-esteem
  • Increased social skills, team work, and discipline
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Improvement Public Speaking Community awareness
  • Exposure to culture,Job Placement
  • Building Brand Awareness and Marketing 
  • Business Building tools
  • Inventory Vendor List
  • Texas State License 

This experience has helped me to build confidence, not being afraid of Speaking up and showing what I’ve learned  and plus it’s helped me with team work and team building.  We have to communicate, and that has helped me in other areas, not just Lashing… It’s just so much fun!  – Veronica, student


 How does Dallas Lash Academy determine who receives the scholarships?  

Sponsorships are allocated to students with either the greatest financial need or merit-based.  Dallas Lash Academy seeks student who are highly motivated and eager to take advantage of a life changing scholarship opportunity through Dallas Lash Academy.  

Student scholarship recipients must meet the eligibility requirements of no lower than a75% Dallas Lash Academy and school attendance.  Students who possess all of these qualities will get the most out of the program and will allow your geenrous sponsorship to have the greatest impact.

 Benefits for Sponsors 

  • Thank you letter from student scholarship recipient participating in Dallas Lash Academy  program
  • Invitation to Dallas Lash Academy Graduation  
  • Sponsorship Logo added to our website
  • 2 Tickets to Annual Beauty Fest 
  • Content Marketing Promotional Flyer
  • Thank you and Formal commendation from Dallas Lash Academy