Lash Lift, Classic Lash, & Volume Lash Certification


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Dallas Lash Academy’s Eyelash Extension class is a 320 hour training course that will educate the students on all of the important aspects of eyelash extensions.

Class Description

This class covers product knowledge, basic application technique, safety, and aftercare. Students will have the opportunity to practice applying for extensions on a live model under the supervision of the Certified Trainer.

Topics Covered

  • Overview of Eyelash Extensions
  • Products to Use For Application
  • Health and Safety
  • Preparing the Client
  • Thorough Application Process
  • Lash Selection
  • Lash Solution
  • Lash Bonding & Application Tips
  • Lash Framing Troubleshooting
  • Removal Process
  • After Care and Product Knowledge
  • Recommended Cost of Service
  • Marketing Tips & Tools


Kit Content supplies for up to 50 clients:

  • two full trays of lashes (different lengths)
  • one adhesive
  • one adhesive remover
  • one straight tweezers
  • one curved tweezers
  • 7 under eye gel pads
  • 25 micro brushes
  • one crystal stone
  • 1 roll of surgical tape
  • 25 Glue Rings
  • marketing material and consultation sheets
  • T-shirt/
  • Maniquin
  • Dallas Lash Academy Travel Bag


Student Clinic Equipped With The Following:

  • Lash Bed
  • Wet Sanitizer
  • Lamp
  • Trolly