We have multiple technicians and offer student learning discounts.

Master Technician Prices


Sculpting/Design $35
Eyebrow Tint $35
Eyebrows $15
Lip $10
Chin $7
Full Face $38
Brazilian $75


Lash and Refill

Full Set Natural Lashes (65 per eye) $99.00 Refill $50.00 (20/per eye)
Full Set Corporate Lash (95 per eye) $150.00 Refill $70.00 (40/per eye)
Full Set Glam Lash (150 per eye) $225.00 Refill $90.00 (65/per eye)
Full Set Siberian Mink (150 per eye) $350.00 Refill $100.00 (65/per eye)
Full Set Volume Lash (2D – 6D) (100 per eye) $200.00 Refill $100.00 (50 per eye)


*Please note the amount of lash per eye is an estimate based on the amount of natural lashes you already have.



Your Natural Lashes have a natural lash cycle. Everyone’s cycle is different. Some lash cycles last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. The logevity of your extensions depends on your body’s natural cycle for shedding hair. If you encounter any issues with your new lashes please contact us within 72 hours of application for additional help. Please visit our booking page to schedule an appointment for your troublsom lashes.


Lash Removal

Our Lashes $25
Other Salon’s Lashes $40
Lower Lashes $55
Color Lashes  
Glam Lashes  


Eyebrow Extensions **Cash Only**

15 Minute Brow Consultation $25
Full Set Package $200

Includes: 15 min brow consultation, 60 min application plus one 15 min complimentary retouch within the first week.
30 Minute Refills $65.00 *Recommended every 1-2 weeks depending on daily face routine.
*Limit of two fills. Application can last up to 14 days
**Eyebrows must not come into contact with any water or make-up for the first 48hrs of application.

Student Application Pricing

Application: $25.00

Registration: $275.00

Lash specials: $2150.00

Cosmetology and Esthetics: $2550.00

Esthetics: $3500.00


Lash Application

Start times: March 4, April 15, May 13, June 10, July 15, August 12 and September 9.

Phase1 (New Students) $25.00
Phase2 (Practicing Students) $45.00 For Full Set
Phase3 (Lash Technicians) $45.00 For Full Set
Phase4 (Graduating Lash Technicians) $45.00 For Full Set
Phase2 (Practicing Students) Starts at $65.00



Level 1 $500.00 for Classic Lash
Level 2 $750.00 for Hybrid Lashing
Level 3 $850.00 for Capping and Stacking
Level 4 $1000.00 Volume Lash 2D-6D
Phase2 (Practicing Students) Starts at $65.00


Esthetics Application

Start times: March 4, May 14, July 15, September 9 and November 4