Lashes Clinic


Your Natural Lashes have a natural lash cycle. Everyone’s cycle is different. Some lash cycles last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. The logevity of your extensions depends on your body’s natural cycle for shedding hair. If you encounter any issues with your new lashes please contact us within 72 hours of application for additional help. Please visit our booking page to schedule an appointment for your troublsom lashes.

Lash Application

Phase1 (New Students) $25.00
Phase2 (Practicing Students) $45.00 For Full Set
Phase3 (Lash Technicians) $45.00 For Full Set
Phase4 (Graduating Lash Technicians) $45.00 For Full Set
Models(new students) $25.00
Bossy (practicing students phase 2 students) $55.00
Bossy Chic ( lash tech phase 3 students) $79.00
Bossy Glam ( graduating students phase ) $125.00